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Bacterial Count Testing

Testing and monitoring your hygiene standards provides you with scientific proof of the effectiveness of cleaning procedures. This is essential in medical or food preparation environments where infection control and hygiene maintenance is required. Having the ability to pre-test your kitchen before health inspectors arrive or providing an insurance company with certified proof that an area is clean and sterile after a flood or bio-hazard spill is invaluable.

Besides the tangible benefits of hygiene testing, companies and landlords will reap the intangible, but often substantial, benefit of enhancing their image by displaying their hygiene testing approach and results. Incorporating such testing and checking the hygiene reading regularly is a positive move for all concerned.

We can even test that domestic kitchens and bathrooms are safe and properly clean. It can give you, or your tenants, peace of mind or help us advise you on recommend processes to improve your cleaning and hygiene standards.

The proven approach we take is to perform a test for ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). ATP is a molecule found in and around living cells, and as such it gives a direct measure of biological concentration and health. ATP is quantified by measuring the light produced through its reaction with the naturally occurring firefly enzyme luciferase using a luminometer. The amount of light produced is directly proportional to the amount of living organisms present in the sample.

Uses include monitoring your cleaning contractors' performance or proving that contracted cleaning teams are producing results of the required quality. We can use the output to adjust and customize the method and frequency of cleaning routines, as well as to achieve optimum quality and cost-effectiveness.

Surface hygiene test for verification of cleanliness in wards, care homes, sterile services (instruments) and catering departments and measurement of hand hygiene training and washroom facilities are just some of the areas which benefit from hygiene testing.

" … I can wholeheartedly recommend Magic Carpets Ltd … we have been using this firm every year for the last three years as part of our Hygiene campaign."

Simon Fox, Practice Manager, Trescobeas Surgery Falmouth. .

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ATP Surface Test